Day 1

Monday 25 April 2016
0830-0900 Registration:

Executive Education Suite,
Ground Floor Cheng Yu Tung Building,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

0900-0910 Official Opening of Forum:
Professor Kalok CHAN
CUHK Business School
0910-0920 General welcome:
Professor Sandeep Gopalan
Dean and Head of the Deakin Law School, Deakin University (Australia)
0920-0930 Introduction of presenters and keynote speaker:
Professor Jean du Plessis

Deakin Law School, Deakin University
0930-1000 Keynote Address:
Mr. Stephen Taylor
Chairman of the Listing Committee, The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong
Chair: Associate Professor CK LOW
Session 1: Associate Professor Gill North
Monash University (Australia):
‘Company Reporting & Corporate Governance Frameworks: The Intersection between Voluntary and Mandatory Obligations and Practices’
Chair: Associate Professor CK LOW
Session 2: Dr. Jeroen Veldman
Cass Business School (UK):
‘Reflexivity and The UK Corporate Governance Code’
1100-1130 Networking Break / Morning Tea/ Coffee
Chair: Professor Irene-Marie Esser
Session 3: Dr. Barnali Choudhury
University College London (UK):
Business and Human Rights Obligations on the Continuum of Soft to Hard Law’
Chair: Professor Jean du Plessis
Session 4: Professor Matthias Casper
University of Muenster (Germany)
Delisting Rules in the Context of Corporate Governance – Can the Protection of Shareholders be Effected by a Competition of Listing Rules or are State-made Provisions Required?’
Chair: Professor Jean du Plessis
Session 5: Associate Professor C K Low
CUHK Business School:
‘The Expectations of Directors of Listed Companies in Hong Kong: No Difference Between ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ Approach?’
1300-1415 Buffet Lunch at The Lounge Executive Education Suite
Chair: Professor Andrew Keay
Session 6: Professor Kent Greenfield
Boston College of Law (USA)
Hard Law or No Law?’
Chair: Professor Andrew Keay
Session 7: Professor Junhai Liu
Renmin University (Peoples Republic of China)
‘The Globalization Of Corporate Governance Based On Invisable Soft Law And Visable Hard Law’
Chair: Professor Andrew Keay
Session 8: Associate Professor Umakanth Varottil
National University of Singapore:
Corporate Governance In India: The Transition From Code To Statute’
1545-1600 Afternoon Coffee / Tea
Chair: Associate Professor CK LOW
Open Discussion on Sessions 1-8:

Chair: Associate Professor CK LOW
Panel Discussion and Reflections:

Business and Regulatory Perspectives on Codes

Moving from the academic, this highly pragmatic session will comprise speakers from the business and regulatory spheres to discuss the vexed issues raised by the Forum culminating with an interactive discussion with attendees on what might be realistically possible options ahead for Hong Kong and other jurisdictions.


1815-1830 Day 1 Summary & Perspectives: Professor Jean Jacques du Plessis
1900 Conference Dinner at Happiness Cuisine Restaurant
Hong Kong Science & Technology Park



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