Day 2

Tuesday 26 April 2016
Chair: Professor Jean du Plessis
Session 9: Professor Andrew Keay
Faculty of Law, University of Leeds (UK):
‘An Analytical Study of Board Accountability in Transnational Codes of Corporate Governance’
Chair: Professor Claus Luttermann
Session 10: Professor Irene-marie Esser
School of Law, University of Glasgow (UK):
‘Hybrid Systems of Corporate Governance: The Cases of South Africa and the United Kingdom’
Chair: Professor Matthias Casper
Session 11: Professor Sandeep Gopalan
Deakin Law School (Australia)
‘From Sustainability to Conflict Minerals: The Creeping Codification of Non-Financial Disclosure’
1030-1100 Morning Tea / Coffee
Chair: Associate Professor Umakanth Varottil
Session 12: Professor Claus Luttermann
Catholic University, Eichstaett (Germany)
Balancing Corporate Governance: Back to the Future of Reasonableness in Law and Practice (Compliance)’
Chair: Associate Professor CK LOW
Open Discussion on Sessions 9-12:

1215-1330 Lunch at The Stage 3/F Cheng Yu Tung Building
Chair: Professor Ingo Saenger
Session 13: Professor Robin HUANG
Faculty of Law, CUHK
‘Corporate Social Responsibility in China: Hard Law or Soft Law?’
Chair: Professor Kent Greenfield
Session 14: Professor Beate Sjåfjell
Faculty of Law, University of Oslo (Norway):
When the Solution Becomes the Problem: The Triple Failure of Corporate Governance Codes’
Chair: Professor Junhai Liu
Session 15: Professor Ingo Saenger
University of Muenster (Germany):
Disclosure and Auditing of Corporate Social Responsibility Standards – The Impact of Directive 2014/95/EU on the German Companies Act and the German Corporate Governance Codex’
1500-1530 Open Discussion on Sessions 13-15
1530-1600 Day 2 Summary, Perspectives and Closing Remarks: Professor Jean Jacques du Plessis



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