Michael Duignan

Michael DuignanMichael Duignan has had a variety of roles within the regulatory spectrum.

He worked at Special Compliance Office in the UK Inland Revenue before going to HM Treasury and advising Ministers on policy relating to exchanges and securities.

He joined UK FSA in 2000 as Primary Markets Policy Manager where he had responsibility for Listing Rules policy and negotiated the Prospectus Directive in European Council on behalf of the UK, whilst working on various other European Directives.

He chaired one of the CESR (now known as the European Securities and Markets Authority) groups advising the European Commission.

He joined the Irish Stock Exchange in September 2008 as Head of Market Supervision, which was an interesting time in Irish markets.

In 2012 he joined the Malta FSA and was responsible for supervision of firms, funds and trustees, and all securities and markets issues. He joined SFC in February 2014 as a Senior Director in Corporate Finance Division responsible for the dual filing and corporate regulation teams.